Scarsdale Public Schools Education Television
Scarsdale Schools Technical Support Services Dept.
Cablevision's Optimum ch. 77 and Verizon's FiOS ch. 27.
Programs replay throughout the week, including weekends.  See the schedule below.
Updated April 12.

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Cablevision ch. 77 and Verizon ch. 27
 Jabberfest 2014
 CFI: A Conversation with Jaime Casap - HD
 Budget Forum and Study Session
 Le Cercle Francais: Soiree de Musique - HD
 Middle School Speech Contest Finals - HD
 Maroon News: Dr. Hagerman
 Reception for Dr. Hagerman
 Quaker Ridge Ballroom Blitz
 Clips from March 24 Board meeting
 Middle School Speech Contest 2014 - HD

Replays continue throughout the week.
BOARD of EDUCATION: Budget Forum and Budget Study Session.  The Board receives written reports from community groups and residents, followed by a Study Session to review community feedback. Recorded Apr. 7.
Now on VOD.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Speech Contest Finals.
Recorded March 20.  "Declamation" makes its debut in this annual event which draws over 300 students to participate in six categories. 

LE CERCLE FRANCAIS: Soiree de Musique.
The SHS French Club held a evening fundraiser of musical entertainment.  The proceeds will allow the French Club to numerous cultural activities to students free of charge.  Recorded Apr. 5.  VOD-HD.

CENTER FOR INNOVATION: A Conversation with Jaime Casap. 
Mr. Casap evangelizes the poer and potential of the Web, technology, and Google tools.  Recorded April 8.  VOD_HD.

HIGH SCHOOL: Jabberfest 2014.
Annual talent showcase sponsored by the Jabberwocky magazine.  Recorded Apr. 11.  Plays throughout Spring Break. Check the schedule below for times. VOD.

April 12-22 is Spring Break.  Look for replays of various program from throughout the year.
Students are welcome as on-air commentators for our Spring sports productions.  Teams include Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Baseball and Softball.  Students interested in sports journalism should visit the Technical Support Services department in the High School, room 101.
Students interested in TV production, computer networks, etc. can join the Technology Club.  Visit the Technical Support Services Dept. in room 101.


Residents living in the "Mamaroneck-strip" can view SPS-TV productions on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5:00 - 8:00 PM on Cablevision ch. 77 (times may vary). Many in that area who are Verizon FiOS subscribers can see SPS-TV full time on channel 27.
Cablevision: LMC-TV-77 in Mamaroneck
Friday, April 11 and 18:
4:00 PM: Budget Forum and Study Session.
5:15 PM: LE CERCLE FRANCAIS: Soiree de Musique
6:30 PM: Maroon News: Interview with Dr. Hagerman

Saturday, April 12 and 19:
4:00 PM: Quaker Ridge Ballroom Blitz.
5:00 PM: Middle School Speech Contest Assembly.
6:00 PM: CFI: A Conversation with Jaime Casap.

Sunday, April 13 and 20:
4:00 PM: Budget Forum and Study Session.
5:15 PM: LE CERCLE FRANCAIS: Soiree de Musique
6:30 PM: Maroon News: Interview with Dr. Hagerman
Most programs available on Video-On-Demand.

Program schedule for Scarsdale
Cablevision ch. 77 and Verizon ch. 27