Scarsdale Public Schools Education Television
Scarsdale Schools Technical Support Services Dept.
Cablevision's Optimum ch. 77 and Verizon's FiOS ch. 27.
Programs replay throughout the week, including weekends.  See the schedule below.
Updated November 21.

2014-2015 School Year
All programs are in HD unless noted.
Cablevision ch. 77 and Verizon ch. 27
 Last 10 uploads:
 College Financing: What You Need To  Know.
 P. T. Council: PRIDE Survey Results
 Innovation: Eugene Kosunskyi
 Board Meeting of November 17:
 * Center For Innovation
 * Business Meeting
 HELP Animals: Tower of Hope
 HIGH SCHOOL Tri-M Induction
 Board Meeting of November 3:
 * External Auditor's Report
 * Business Meeting
 SMS-PTA: Teens & Nutrition
 Signifer Induction
 A Q&A Interview with Andy Jassy

HIGH SCHOOL: Graduation 1984.  Online.

Friday, November 21:
6:00, 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 PM.
College Financing: What You Need To Know.
Annual program to help parents navigate the financial aid process.  Recorded Nov. 20.

Replaying throughout the weekend (schedule):

Board of Education. From Nov. 17, the Work/Study Session on the Center For Innovation, and the regular business meeting.
Agenda packet available here

Scarsdale Center For Innovation: A Conversation with Eugene Kosunskiy. Mr. Kosunskiy, an innovator, maker and designer, and inventor of the Sparktruck, addresses Scarsdale faculty on how to instill creativity and innovation in children. Recorded November 13.

P. T. Council: Results Are In: Pride Survey.
Christopher Griffin, asst. principal of SHS, presents results of the district's recent Pride Survey on the use of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. Recorded November 18.

Students are welcome as on-air commentators for our Winter sports productions.  Teams include Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming and Ice Hockey. Students interested in sports journalism should visit the Technical Support Services department in the High School, room 101.
Students interested in TV production, computer networks, etc. can join the Technology Club.  Visit the Technical Support Services Dept. in room 101.


Residents living in the "Mamaroneck-strip" can view SPS-TV productions on Wednesdays, 9:00 PM - Midnight, and Thursdays, 3:00 - 6:00 PM. on LMC-TV, Cablevision ch. 77 and Verizon ch. 34 (times may vary). Many in that area who are Verizon FiOS subscribers can see SPS-TV full time on channel 27.
Cablevision: LMC-TV-77 in Mamaroneck
Wednesday, November 26:
9:00 PM: P. T. Council: Results Are In: Pride Survey.
10:00 PM: College Financing: What You Need To Know.

Thursday, November 27:
3AM, 10AM & 3PM: P. T. Council: Results Are In: Pride Survey.
4AM, 11AM & 4PM: College Financing: What You Need To Know.

Most programs available on Video-On-Demand.

Program schedule for Scarsdale
Cablevision ch. 77 and Verizon ch. 27