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The Edgewood Athletic Association

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The Edgewood Athletic Association (EAA) is a not-for-profit organization created to facilitate and coordinate the youth athletic programs sponsored by the Scarsdale Recreation Department (soccer, basketball, softball and tennis), within the Edgewood community, for girls and boys in grades K-8.

 The goals of the EAA are to:

1.      Encourage participation in equal-play sport programs regardless of skill level

2.      Ensure the children have a fun and enriching athletic experience

3.      Provide the opportunity to learn and improve skills

4.      Foster an environment that teaches sportsmanship and teamwork

5.      Promote respect for the game, teammates, coaches, opponents and game officials

6.      Encourage participation of parents in coaching and program coordination


The EAA is governed by an elected Board of Directors and its’ officers:


Bob Salazar

(914) 725-3735


Vice President

Brian Duigan



Eric Jacobson






Web Master
 Greg Bartalos  gbbvn@yahoo.com



Sam BryantChris KowalskiEric Kinoshita

Robert Cruz

Ralph Comulada

Matt Martin

Matt Conlan

Chris Zerbo

Howard Wolfson

Pat Carroll

Jeff Quirk

Lou Mancini




 All Edgewood families whose children play a Recreation based sport must join the EAA. A family becomes a member by registering at www.edgewoodsports.org and paying the annual membership fee of $32 through SchoolPay.

The association uses these funds to support the athletic programs, including the purchasing of sports equipment, and the funding of physical improvements to the athletic facilities at Edgewood.  Once a family becomes a member, all children from that family, in grades K-8, are entitled, and encouraged, to participate in any of the sports programs offered by the Scarsdale Recreation Department in conjunction with the EAA.  Parents are encouraged to attend open meetings of the EAA and to become active members by coaching, being elected to the board, or offering their involvement in other ways.

The EAA provides the Edgewood community the following:

·    a vehicle to discuss issues involving all aspects of  Recreation programs

·    regular updates on the status of the current programs

·    review of the successes and challenges of just-completed programs

·    planning for the needs and scheduling of upcoming programs

·    a forum for thought on direction of  ongoing programs or new programs

·    a process to recruit and select coaches and Area Chairpersons

Area Chairpersons are the individuals who coordinate specific sports in conjunction with area chairpersons from other Scarsdale communities and the Scarsdale Recreation Dept.  Their responsibilities include the allocation of times and places for practices (the Recreation Dept. establishes game schedules). They also procure and issue the equipment needed for that sport. They are the prime contacts for issues and questions that arise during the course of the season.

Edgewood Area Chairpersons:






Bob Salazar

(914) 725-3735



Jeff Quirk




Sam Bryant

(914) 447-7051



Chris Zerbo


Some other sports activities available in Scarsdale (not coordinated through the EAA)**:


Recreation Dept.

(914) 722-1160


Recreation Dept.

(914) 722-1160


Recreation Dept.

(914) 722-1160

Little League Baseball

Recreation Dept.

(914) 722-1160

Swimming and Diving Team

Recreation Dept.

(914) 722-1160

Travel Soccer

Sam Bryant

(914) 447-7051 or email swbiv@aol.com


PLEASE CONSIDER COACHING. If you are interested in coaching, assistant coaching or just getting involved in some way, please contact one of us. The EAA welcomes and encourages the participation of all parents
** These activities, as well as others, may require special equipment or fees. These additional expenses are not covered or collected by the EAA. (Examples include, but are not limited to: tennis permit fees, non Rec Soccer programs, football fees and equipment, and Sunday gym-time for K-3rd grade basketball or tennis clinics.  
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