Scarsdale C.H.I.L.D.

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ATTENTION PARENTS and TEACHERS: If your child or student . . .
• struggles with school work or homework; or
• receives support in a resource room; or
• receives services such as speech & language therapy or occupational therapy; or
• is in a self-contained, parallel, inclusion or skills class; or
• receives modifications or accommodations based upon his or her special needs
then C.H.I.L.D., a committee of Scarsdale’s PT council, is a network of resources, information and support for you.  We have a diverse group of dedicated volunteers who are available to answer your questions and offer support and advice.  Your calls will be kept confidential.

We invite you to attend our meetings!
In addition to providing support, our meetings also enable us to discuss ways we can ensure that the school system meets our children’s special needs. Our meetings feature speakers from the Scarsdale School District as well as noted professionals in the fields of learning disabilities, psychology, and medicine.

Please see our current schedule.
Meetings are generally open to the public, free of charge and held at Scarsdale's Fox Meadow Elementary School, 59 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, in the New Multipurpose Room on the 2nd floor, but please check our upcoming events page to confirm for those specific meetings you wish to attend.

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JOIN OUR E-MAIL LIST!  E-mail with your contact information so that we may inform you about upcoming meetings and events.
Parent Representatives Available to You
The C.H.I.L.D. committee has parent representatives who are available to assist you in every school.  These parents are dedicated volunteers who have a professional interest in special education and/or who have children with learning differences.  Feel free to contact them as needed.  All conversations are strictly confidential.



Greg Loten


Vice Chair Jennet Walker 472-5940


Wendy MacKechnie



Shaila Setty



Marian Traumer


Fox Meadow:

Diane Baylor



Betsy Crouch



Brooke Schulthess


Quaker Ridge:

Alicia Feldman


Middle School:

Michelle Memoli Greg Loten

325-9375 472-0962

High School:

Susan Manzino


  Marian Green 723-7618