PT Council


PT Council, known formally as the Scarsdale Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, is the umbrella organization for the Scarsdale PTA units which exist at each of the seven Scarsdale Public Schools.  It is a separate entity with its own elected officers and committees.  The membership is drawn from teachers, parents and administrators from each school.  The President from each individual PTA serves as a member of the Executive Committee and acts as a liaison between the PT Council and the respective PTA unit.

PT Council sponsors a variety of speakers, panels and programs which enrich the student and parent community.  During the school year, the PT Council Executive Committee meets monthly with the Scarsdale Schools Superintendent as well as sends representatives to Scarsdale Board of Education meetings and budget discussions.
2013-2014 Executive Committee Officers and Members

Pamela Rubin, President       

Pam Fuehrer, Vice President

Karen Brew, Secretary

Lauren Mintzer, Treasurer 

Angela Manson, Scarsdale High School PTA President
Seema Jaggi, Scarsdale Middle School PTA President

Kate Conlan, Edgewood PTA President     

Alisa Kohn, Fox Meadow PTA President

Dana Matsushita, Greenacres PTA President

Kim Schneider, Heathcote PTA President

Debbie Hochberg, Quaker Ridge PTA President
To contact PT Council, please email:
Please note, if you are requesting information about a particular committee or program, please check its tab for contact information.