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PTA Treasurer’s Finance Procedures
Consult Christa Mruz (, phone 646-228-6951), Treasurer, to find out your committee’s budget. DO NOT GO OVER BUDGET without prior authorization from the Treasurer and/or President.
The PTA is a tax exempt organization.  Do not pay sales tax when making PTA purchases, you will not be reimbursed for it.  Download/obtain a copy of the tax-exempt form(also in the PTA Treasurer’s mailbox, from the Treasurer directly) to present at the time of purchase.   Non-PTA purchases must be rung up and paid for separately.
Provision of food and/or beverages for volunteers and committee members is at the discretion of the committee, and is not a reimbursable expense.
To be reimbursed for PTA expenses, submit vouchers with dated receipts, invoices, bills, or contracts promptly to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will not issue a check without a completed voucher and receipts.
The PTA fiscal year ends on June 30, 2016. Receipts submitted after that date will not be reimbursed and will be considered a donation to the PTA.
Please deliver all membership and fundraising checks to the Treasurer as soon as possible, so they can be processed and deposited promptly. The Treasurer has a mailbox in the school office, below the staff mailboxes.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Making Purchases On Behalf Of The PTA And Obtaining Reimbursement
PTA books close as of June 30, 2016. You must submit your expense vouchers in a timely fashion.
PTA members who spend their own money in furtherance of authorized PTA activities are entitled to reimbursement.
Please submit requests for reimbursement/payment as soon as possible and not later than June 17, 2016.  Expense vouchers submitted after June 17th cannot be honored.
To avoid being billed for sales tax, present a copy of the tax-exempt form to the vendor at the time of purchase. Copies of the certificate are in the Treasurer’s folder in the PTA mailbox in the school office or can be downloaded from this webpage. Vendor receipts must indicate that no tax was charged.
Please follow these procedures to enable the PTA to reimburse you:
1. Complete an expense voucher copies of which available by download here or in the Treasurer’s folder in the PTA mailbox in the school office (or e-mail to request a copy by e-mail).
2. Attach the vendor’s dated invoice (or signed contract) itemizing the nature and price of the goods and services for which the reimbursement is sought. The PTA will be unable to reimburse you if you submit proof of payment (e.g., credit card/debit card receipt, copy of a check, etc.) without the required vendor’s receipt. 
In some cases, payment directly to a vendor is appropriate. To request direct payment by the to a vendor, please follow these procedures:

1. Complete an expense voucher (see above)

2. Attach the vendor’s dated invoice or signed contract, itemizing the nature and price of the goods or services for which payment is requested.
Submit all expense vouchers, with attached receipts/invoices to the Treasurer. Submissions may be made in person or dropped off at the Treasurer’s home (Christa Mruz, 25 Dobbs Terrace) or by placing the  documents in the Treasurer’s folder in the PTA mailbox in the school office.
All expenditures must be approved by your committee chairperson, who is responsible for ensuring that expenses are consistent with the committee’s authorized budget. Prior authorization from the PTA President is required for spending in excess of the applicable budget line.
Depositing Checks to the PTA
This note is primarily for committee chairs that handle large numbers of checks (e.g., special events and clothing sales). When receiving checks, please make sure they contain the following:
- Student first and last name (especially critical when the name differs from the parent’s name)
- Correct dollar amount
- Verify that the check is made out to “Greenacres PTA”
Please create a spreadsheet that lists each check, with the name, check number, and amount, along with a total of the amount of all checks to be deposited. This total will be verified by the Treasurer and then the checks will be deposited into the bank account.
For all questions or clarifications, please contact PTA Treasurer Christa Mruz at or 646-228-6951. 
Last Modified on August 12, 2015