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Classroom Teacher/ 5th Grade
Red-tailed Hawks, Big Red and Ezra,
Welcome their new hatchling! 
big red first hatch 2014
Big Red looks on as the first hatch tries to lift her wobbly head (right), while the second hatchling works hard to break out of her shell (left). 
 Think Breakfast 2014
Look Who's Swimming!  
 fish swimmies
12/30/13 Yolk sacs are gone and many alevin are swimming to the top
of the breeding basket. These little fishies are healthy and strong!

The Hour of Code Has Arrived! 

Light bot     Lightbot 2
 1-L Students participate in the National Hour of Code
"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…Because it teaches you how to think" - Steve Jobs 

Control a robot by giving it commands. Use programmer-style logic for more complex levels that include functions to re-use.
Dear 5-L Families and Friends:
Welcome to the 5-L website. Thank you for visiting our pages. You will surely find that they can be a useful tool for helping families and students stay informed of the activities that take place in our classroom. For information about what is happening in the classroom, check back frequently as changes occur often.  

Please use our webpages and links as an information and interactive learning resource for you and your child. 

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Susan Luft
Winter Holiday Artifact Museum 

  Cultures around the world celebrate different days and families decide what and how they will celebrate.  Yet, the ways that we celebrate are very similar.  1-L learned about cultural similarities and differences when they shared their family holiday artifacts at our class holiday museum.  


Video Chat Session with Our Edgewood Buddies

Action Based Learning
   1-L Students participate in the Action Based Learning Lab with Coach Blake. The lab is a series of progressions and stations, each designed to prepare the brain for input and processing.  Sensory components of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, directionality, and visual literacy are developed as the child rolls, creeps, crawls, spins, twirls, bounces, balances, walks, jumps, juggles, and supports his/her own weight in space. Levels of physical fitness are increased and academic concepts are reinforced. As students move from station to station with a partner or partners, their self awareness, self esteem, and social skills are enhanced.