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Welcome to the 5-L website. Thank you for visiting our pages. You will  find that they can be a useful tool for helping families and students stay informed of the activities that take place in our classroom.  Please use our webpages and links as an information and interactive learning resource for you and your child.   Be sure to click on the photos for hyperlinks to further information about specific topics of interest.  Check back frequently as changes occur often.  

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GEC Final Sale! 
        Students experienced a successful closing day to their month long selling experience with the Global Enterprise Challenge.  Thanks to the Fox Meadow student community, after two months of developing planning, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, and sales with their start up companies, by 1:15 Friday afternoon, 5-L  companies were completely sold out of merchandise. Click the link below for more photos and information about our final sale days. 
 Topz Topz Out!
Lessons in Chemistry 
      Students studied the structure of matter through concentration and identified the changes and transformations that took place.  Click the photo below to learn more about experimenting with mixtures and solutions in 5-L.

Winter Games AKA American Games 2015 
       Fox Meadow 5th grade students spent the early days of February participating in the annual Fifth Grade American Games. This years theme, Winter Games, allowed students to participate in events that included Curling which is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles.
 Open for Business! 
          Student entrepreneurs have their merchandise ready and have begun selling.  Browse our commercials through the link below.  
Student Business Plans are Presented in the Dragon's Den  
   Over the past two weeks student groups presented their business plans and redesigned prototypes to Fox Meadow teachers along with Science Helping Teacher, Jen Kiley, and Principal Wilson in the Dragon's Den (AKA Shark Tank).  Their presentations included financial reports and analysis that showed cost of manufacturing, market reaction, and sales forecasts. Dragons in turn gave reaction to student business plans, product design, and potential market success.  Click the link below to find out more about 5-L's participation in the 2014-15 Microsoft sponsored Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) developed and run by Broadclyst Community Primary School (UK). 
 Dragon's Feedback    Edgewood Video Conference   Finger Puppet's Present    Pencil Toppers Present
Smart Cases   Crazy Cards  Cookie Monster   Pencil Toppers     Customer Excitement    Fingers Finger Puppet Poster    Smart Case Sample
Winter Orchestra and Band Concert 
Fox Meadow 4th and 5th grades orchestra and band students perform for the school audience
Winter Concert
Learning to Look
Upon having studied artist, Jackson Pollack's work, students created "drip paintings" by following the artist's form of painting
from above while dripping paint. Click the photo below to learn more about student work in Learning to Look.
Trout Released Into the Larger Tank Area 
The breeding baskets were dropped and we released hundreds of healthy trout
into the larger tank area where they could swim freely
County Board of Legislature
   To enhance understanding of their study of government, fifth grade students experienced the legislative process first-hand through the County Board's Student Legislature program.  Students learned how the committee system works in moving and developing ideas and suggestions into laws that affect the lives of the almost one million residents of Westchester County.  Through mock legislative committees and session, students debated and voted on issues that have actually gone before the Board such as cellular use while driving and renovation and restoration of Playland Park.  
Public Service Announcements
       While studying the United States Constitution and Global Human Rights 5-L students created Public Service Announcements (PSA's). The purpose of our work was to give students creative opportunity to have a voice and take positive action in real-world issues while leveraging the use of digital media to investigate, explore and act on causes of importance to them.  Students were challenged to ask brave questions about the issues they saw in their neighborhoods, communities and the world around them.  Click the photo to link to PSA's.  
 PSA pic   
 Inquiry Interview with a Former State Supreme Court Justice
A recent visit from Judge Miller gave students the opportunity to learn about our justice system.
      Former State Supreme Court Justice
Students Share Research of Holiday Celebrations
Student groups chose a Festival of Lights holiday and researched the history and facts.
To share their learning students participated in student created centers that included holiday history, crafts,
games, food and fun. 
Celebrating Our Writing
Peer Directed Discussions Through Literature Circles 
1st Grade Buddy Creative Writing Session  

5-L Students Experiment with Effervescent Launchers

 Effervescent Launch Video Click Here
Launch Video

Team Building with the Center For Environmental Studies